Eleventh Ward (more about the name) is a soulful rock band based out of the NYC/NJ area. Eleventh Ward’s sound ranges from pure emotional vulnerability to the good time feelings associated with a night out on the town with close friends. In addition, Eleventh Ward’s live shows are unmatched in the band’s ability to connect with the audience and bring it along for the ride. From Chris’ introspective lyrics and Greg’s meticulously crafted guitar leads to Ben’s expressive bass lines and Mark’s compelling percussive style, Eleventh Ward brings a refreshing and cathartic sound to the New York City music scene.

In June of 2011, a mutual friend brought Greg Llewellyn into the revelry. A talented and accomplished guitarist, Greg layered his intricate, melodic leads over the band’s previously composed songs, adding a new dimension to the music. Beginning his musical career at the ripe age of 14, Greg was involved in a number of solo and collaborative projects, most notably with an experimental/indie rock band that performed at legendary New York venues such as CBGBs. The addition of Greg led to an inspiring performance by the newly formed trio at Bar East.

A chance encounter at Connolly’s NYC in November 2011 led to the introduction of drummer Mark Bell into the band. Cultivating his drumming skills from an early age in the gospel music scene, Mark went on to build a repertoire ranging from jazz to rock, reaching a broad television audience with his 2011 appearance on Good Day New York and performing at large venues, including the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Grammy-nominated gospel artist B. Slade has best described Mark’s playing with the single word, “amazing.”

In the summer of 2012, Chris met bassist Ben Krupit at an open mic night in Hoboken, NJ, where Ben had recently taken up residence. Ben, a music teacher by trade, brought along his bass and flute. After sharing a few songs, he and Chris met for a practice, and within three weeks, they were performing their first show with their new lineup. Ben is a multi-instrumentalist, specializing in bass, flute and the brass family, particularly the trumpet.

What was once a solo journey has now burgeoned into a soulful rock band, playing and packing many iconic music venues and festivals across New York City including: The Bitter End, Bar East, Alphabet Lounge, Fontana’s and the Williamsburg International Film Festival to name a few. Chris, Ben, Greg and Mark mix rock, R&B and alternative genres to create a sound that they hope will appeal to fans of every musical taste and leave them humming along to the songs on the subway/cab ride home.